eRent - rent a car in Warsaw offer you our car hire on this Conditions

What you need to rent a car in Warsaw ?

  • ID
  • driving licence
  • credit card

To  every car rental we charge 50 zł up fee for preparing vehicle to hire

Additional charges

 GPS - 20zł/day but not more than 100zł per rental for 30 days.

Child seat - 20zł/day but not more than 150zł per rental for 30 days.

GSM Phone - 20zł/day but not more than 150zł per rental for 30 days.

Return of the car dirty: GR. A, B, C, D - 50zł, GR. SPORT MINIVAN, SUV and E - 150zł.

Pick-UP and drop-off a car in Warsaw when renting less than 5 days from Monday to Friday between:

 09:00 - 16:30 additional cost 70zł.

17:00-22:00 and 06:00-09:00 - 70zł.

22:00-06:00 - 150zł.

Other cities in the EU GR. A, B and C  - 1,5zł /km Other cars from GR. D, E and 4X4 SUVs, minivans and sport on request.

General Terms and Conditions eRent Warsaw car hire

E-rent car rental further referred to as the Lender, rents the vehicle to the Client on the conditions stated in the following contract.

The Client has the following duties:

  1. To control the level of the oil and the fluid in the radiator.
  2. To return the vehicle on the agreed date in a good technical condition, undamaged, clean and containing the same amount of fuel in the tank as there was before the beginning of the Contract.
  3. If the vehicle is not returned on the termination date as stated in the agreement, it will be considered by the Renter as an attempt to appropriate the vehicle. The Lender is entitled to inform the police and to prolong the Contract, charging the Client’s credit card for the whole term of the illicit use of the vehicle at a double rate for each day of the usage of the vehicle after the contracted term.
  4. If the vehicle is damaged and its further usage becomes impossible, the Client is obliged to contact the Lender immediately. In case the vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident caused by fault of a third party (not by the Client), the Client is obliged to acquire a written statement of all the participants and the witnesses of the accident and to inform immediately thereabout the Lender.
  5. In case the vehicle is stolen or the vehicle is damaged as a result of an attempted burglary, the Client is obliged to inform thereof the lender immediately.
  6. The Client is obliged to park the vehicle ONLY at guarded parking lots.
  7. The vehicle will not take part in sport events and will not be used for learning to drive.
  8. The Client will be held fully responsible and will be obliged to cover all the costs which may arise as a result of    driving the vehicle after consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs affecting concentration and ability to drive. 
  9.  The vehicle cannot leave the territory of Poland without a written permission signed by the Lender. If the Borrower shall operate a vehicle in strfie border of Poland (up to 30 km from the Polish border) is obliged to inform the Lender.
  10. The Client is not allowed to rent a vehicle to a third person. The vehicle can be used solely by the persons          identified in the Contract as the Driver(s).
  11. In case the Client delivers the vehicle back to the Lender before the termination date stated in the Contract, the payment for the unused period will not be refunded.
  12. The LENDER provides car insurance Collision Damage Waver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP). The insurance is    included in the price of the vehicle.
  13. There is an excess fee for damage caused by the client and especially in case of theft. Its amount depends on the model of the vehicle is specified in the Contract. At the beginning of the rental period the Client’s credit card is authorized for this amount. This serves as a refundable Deposit which is fully or partly refunded after the termination of the Contract and the financial settlement of the Contract.   
  • In case the vehicle is stolen, the Deposit is not refunded.                                                                                                 
  • The CDW insurance cover only losses above 5%  vehicle worth. If the vehicle is damaged because of the           Client’s fault, the client has to pay this amount. It is usually deducted from the Deposit.
  • If the Client loses the keys to the vehicle of or the documents, the Client is obliged to pay a fee of 1200zł. Additionally, the Client is charged for the whole time necessary to make a copy of the lost items at the daily     rental rate.
  • If because of the Client’s fault,  the vehicle is damaged, in  a condition which makes continuation of the rent     impossible, the Client is obliged to pay  the daily rate during the entire time of the necessary car repair.
  • NO SMOKIN IN THE CAR ( if you smoking you pay 800zł )
    14. By signing this agreement and entering the             card number, expiry date and the CCV                     COD credit card by phone or  by e-mail I                 agree to pay the advance deposits or                       other fees associated with this agreement             (damage to the  vehicle, parking tickets,                  etc.) without submitting my signature.
     15. By signing this Agreement, declare that I                agree to receive VAT invoice without my                signature.
     16. In all other respects not less agreement                  shall be governed by the Civil Code.
     17. The Contract is signed in two identical                    copies, one for each party of the Contract.
     18. In case of theft of the vehicle with the                      vehicle card or keys borrower will be                        charged an amount equal to the market                  value of the vehicle. 
I declare that I consent to the transfer of personal data to a leasing company, the Police and the Municipal Police to  identify  potential traffic violations, traffic fines, mandate of the road and parking which is important for the price of  100zł which  undertakes to pay personally or as in section 14. 
The deposit is refunded to the Client after 24h when vehicle is delivered back to the Lender, except for the situation,  when the  vehicle  must be repaired.

    By providing the Lender with the credit card number and expiry date via telephone or via email, the Client agrees to his/her credit card authorization for the deposit and for coverage of all costs which may arise out of  this agreement without the necessity of the Client’s signature.
All disputes, which may arise out of or in connection with this agreement, shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court having responsibility for such matters at the capital of the country of residence of the LENDER. 

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