Long term rental with eRent rent a car Warsaw

Benefits for long term hire:

For several years the long-term rental have been attracting more and more Customers. It is one of the fastest developing forms of obtaining business cars. Making use of the rental, the Customer gains full control of expenditure regarding car fleet. 

Long-term rental with eRent Warsaw car hire is a very beneficial form of finansing on the grounds of much lower costs of car usage. Making use of the rental, the Customer can focus their human and finacial resources on their core business. 
Summing up, long-term rental ensures:


  • Possibility to focus on core business due to lack of troubles related to fleet management (optimization of administration)
  • Improvement of business car usage rules by carrying out fleet audit and introduction of procedure system and car policy
  • Minimization of the amount of invoices related to service of business cars (the company receives one invoice per month which includes finansing costs servicing, repairs, tyres, insurances,  claim adjustment)
  • Seasonal tyre exchange in cars around the entire country, based on long-standing experience
  • Optimization of car fleet usage (administering the vehicles in the country and courtesy cars)
  • No problems with claim adjustment
  • Considerable reduction of car fleet use costs
  • Reduction of administrative procedures
  • Making use of preferential car purchase conditions
  • No problems with resale of the vehicle after its use
  • Unlimited opportunities to consult about fleet management and rental
  • Eliminating unfavourable effects of cash flow in case of independent purchase.


 Here is a sample price for a car rental over 180 days


Skoda Octavia 1,6 DIESEL 3600 zł/30 days
Chevrolet Cruze 1,6 benz + LPG 3600 zł/30 days
Dodge Grand Caravan 3,3L BENZ 4500 zł/30 days
Mercedes E - Class 220 CDI , AUTOMAT mod 2011       8900 zł/30 days


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